Wednesday, February 06, 2008

KS GOP Caucus this Saturday

The caucus begins at 10 am--show up at least by 9:45 to check in and show ID. Representatives of the candidates will speak on each candidate's behalf and voting by secret ballot will then take place. The entire process should be over before 1 pm.

KS will have 66 caucus sites set up for voting. The sites for the 3rd District are listed below:

South Junior High School
2734 Lousiana

Overland Park
Matt Ross Community Center
8101 Marty

West Glenn Theatre
16301 Midland Dr

Overland Park
Blue Valley NW High School
13260 Switzer

Gardner Edgerton High School
425 N Waverly

Kansas City
Open Door Christian School
3033 N 103rd Terr

The eyes of the nation will be on Kansas.


Anonymous said...

No, the eyes on the nation were on Kansas Tuesday. Nobady cares about the GOP race.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, "nobady." Impressive. :)


Anonymous said...

I respect John McCain for his service to our country, but I find it sad that he has not shown in Washington the same kind of honor that he showed on the battlefield. McCain is not a conservative or a true Republican at all. He's a flip-flopper, who changes his views according to when an election is going to take place. Not only has he tried to limit Americans expressing their views to their leaders in Washington, but he has also voted to give social security benifits to illegal immigrants. He said he would seek to overturn Roe v. Wade but just a few years ago he said he wouldn't. As a judicial commitee member, he has kept good judges who were very qualified from being appointed. If he has acted like that as a senator there's no telling what he would do as president. Mike Huckabee is the only candidate who has had a consistent conservative stand when it comes to the issues that are important. He cares about the American people, not the system, and has ideas that will work for America. McCain and Romney have proved that they can't unify the party, but Huckabee can and will. As a young voter, what is happening in America greatly concerns me, but with Huckabee as President we have an opportunity for true change. So I urge all those who want America to stay strong and free to vote for Huckabee, a man who is true to his word and true to his country.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is still in the race.

You will get Huck, he will sign up with McCain when you will not.