Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Contact your state senators and representatives!

The KS legislature will be addressing legislation to rectify the KDHE decision to deny a permit for the construction of a coal plant in Holcomb. The state senate votes to advance the bill to allow for the construction of the Holcomb plant today--Thursday--debate begins at 2:30 pm. There is a groundswell of support for this legislation. Sen. John Vratil (R-Leawood) has said that he polled his district and 60 percent support the legislation to override KDHE's decision to deny the permit to the Holcomb plant.

Contact Information for JoCo legislators

Grassroots Letter 1

Grassroots Letter 2

Call or email your senator tomorrow using the contact info and sample letters above and urge them to vote "YES" on the Senate Substitute for House bill 2066. Voters from western to eastern Kansas have called and emailed their state senators and representatives to support the legislation. The House will most likely vote on the bill next week, then it will be sent to the governor will who veto it. It remains to be seen if the senate has enough votes to override Sebelius' veto, which is why input from Kansas constituents is so critical. Below is a form letter you can copy, paste, and email to your senator or representative:

I know the Holcomb power plant issue has consumed much of the chambers time in the last few weeks and that a bill is likely to be debated on the floor soon. I am asking that you support a bill that does not increase any taxes or regulations. In addition, businesses need to know that laws and regulations will be applied fairly and as written, not decided arbitrarily, so any clarification on that in regards to the appointee who single-handily stopped approval of this plant would be good. We need new jobs in Kansas and passing this bill will help in that regard.


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