Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gallup Poll: Government doing too much to solve our problems

57 percent of Americans, the highest number in more than a decade, think the government is doing too much to solve our problems--becoming involved in actions that should be left to individuals and businesses. 45 percent believe there is excess government regulation of businesses. A majority of Independents share these views as well as one-fourth to one-third of all Democrats.

Americans have always preferred local control and governance that is closest to them. The massive expansion of the federal government in all sectors and industries after the financial crisis has only reinforced Americans' cynicism and skepticism towards corrupt, inefficient, and unaccountable federal bureaucracies.

Is Congress listening? Are you listening Mr. Moore? You supported the stimulus, cap and tax, and government-run healthcare against the wishes of your constituents. You have also co-sponsored union card check legislation to intimidate employers and employees alike. Congressman Moore is no blue dog, but he should be blue in the face from swallowing all the deceptive and fabricated claims of moderation and fiscal responsibility he rattles off to constituents at home while voting against their interests in D.C.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Upcoming Political Events...

Townhall with Sen. Sam Brownback

Sen. Sam Brownback, the next governor of Kansas, will be holding a townhall at Mid-America Nazarene University in Olathe this Monday, Sept. 21st from 6-7 pm at the Bell Cultural Events Center (2030 E. College Way). Brownback will discuss healthcare reform and other public policy issues at the forum.

Join the Johnson County GOP/YRs at the Overland Park Parade

Next Saturday is the Overland Park Fall Festival Parade, one of the largest parades in Johnson County. You can bet all local elected officials and candidates for 2010 will be there, including candidates for statewide and federal office from all over Kansas. Join the Johnson County Young Republicans as they team up with the county GOP to march in the Overland Park Fall Festival Parade Saturday, Sept. 26th at 2:00 pm in historic downtown Overland Park. The county party and YRs will be marching alongside a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner and need volunteers to walk with us, wave to the crowds, help carry our JCRP banner, and hand out cards. Are you a candidate for office in 2010 or an elected Republican official? If so, please join us!If you would like to walk with us, please email JoCoYRs@gmail.com for more details.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

House votes to defund ACORN; Cleaver backs sex-trafficking enablers

Ever since young journalists Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe went undercover and did the type of seasoned, investigative reporting that the mainstream media no longer does, we have learned that not only is ACORN shady and corrupt in their voter registration practices, they also encourage tax fraud, prostitution, and sex trafficking of minors.

Even the White House, which relied on ACORN to propel Obama to victory in the '08 primaries, is calling for investigations of the radical and corrupt leftist community group.

Led by Nebraska's great senator Mike Johanns, the Senate voted 83-7 to cut housing funding for ACORN, after the U.S. Census severed all ties with the group, which was to have an oversized role in the 2010 population count.

And now the U.S. House of Representatives has voted 345-75 to cut all funding to ACORN (Roll Call Vote. 718). It seems that Democrats are running for the hills and can't distance themselves enough from ACORN and these damaging revelations. All Democrats that is except for Congressman Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri's 5th District. Kansas City's congressman voted with 45 of his vacuous and corruption-prone colleagues to retain funding for this criminal outfit. Cleaver should be ashamed and the citizens of the 5th District should be outraged.

Even liberal Dennis Moore of KS' 3rd District had the common sense not to cast an outright vote supporting corruption--Cleaver was the lone congressional voice in KC supporting the politics of corruption.

If you live in Jackson County, call Congressman Cleaver or email him and ask why he supports taxpayer funding for encouraging sex trafficking of minors, prostitution, and tax fraud. Demand answers for his indefensible vote to continue the funding of corruption-as-usual.

Contact Cleaver and let him know ENOUGH is ENOUGH! You do not want your hard-earned taxpayer dollars going to an organization that encourages tax fraud and the sexual abuse of women and children.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver

DC Office: 202-225-4535
KC Office: 816-842-4545
Independence Office: 816-833-4545

Friday, September 11, 2009

9.11.01: We Will Never Forget

As we remember the lives lost and sacrifices made on this tragic day, let us not forget the ongoing, persistent threat of Islamic terrorism against U.S. and Western interests around the world.

Our government, to their credit, has thwarted at least 21 large-scale terror attacks against Americans since 2001, including the most recent discovery by the FBI: planned attacks by a 39-year old North Carolina contractor and home-grown terrorist who converted to Islam and travelled to Pakistan to train for jihad.

We witnessed the violent bombings of a hotel complex in Mumbai, India last November, which resulted in the murder of 300 civilians including 5 Americans. This year, we witnessed the bombing of a hotel in Indonesia popular with westerners. And so the war on our values, our culture, our democracy, our entire way of life--continues.

With our faltering economy and the increasingly contentious debate about the government's takeover and intervention in healthcare and private industry, it is relatively easy to become disillusioned with our domestic problems and lose focus on the serious foreign policy threats we still face, from the emergence and mobilization of strengthened terror cells to the provocations of state supporters of terrorism like Iran. We live in a dangerous world that is increasingly destabilized and in the midst of major geopolitical power struggles among ever-changing nation states. We must therefore remain vigilant and always on the defensive.

9/11...We can and must never forget.