Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Real Barack Obama

Why Barack Obama should NOT be elected President:

1. Obama is the MOST LIBERAL U.S. SENATOR. According to
National Journal's 2007 vote analysis, Obama's voting record is more liberal than Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and every other Dem. He may talk a good talk, but Obama's record shows that he rarely if ever deviates from the party line.

2. Obama's lack of substance and emphasis on his cult of personality distracts voters from the vast expansion of government he champions. None of this is "change": increased taxes and increased funding from everything to welfare to education with no accountability mechanisms--it has all been tried before and failed. Outside estimates of the cost of all of Obama's "changes" range from tens of billions of dollars to hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending.

3. Sen. Obama has been endorsed by: Ted Kennedy, MoveOn.org, and all-time famous racist and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan
("Farrakhan praises Obama as hope of the entire world"). With friends like these, does he really appeal to Republicans and Independents?

4. Sen. Obama attends the United Church of Christ in Chicago, whose pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright
espouses rhetoric dangerously close to black separatism while meeting with people like Louis Farrahkhan and Moammar Gadhafi. The church requires members to commit to upholding the "Black Value System" and pledging loyalty to the black community, black family, and black work ethic. Obama himself has said he has questioned the "idolatry of the free market" because of his faith. Pastor Wright has also preached that 9-11 was a "wake-up call" to "white America" for "ignoring the concerns of people of color." As Wright says, "we are an African people, and remain true to our native land, the mother continent."

Since a person's religious background and faith community affects their outlook on life and personal value system, Obama's choice of a radical church outside mainstream Christianity is alarming to say the least.

5. Obama has no reservations about speaking to leaders of Iran, North Korea, and other leaders that do us harm. His policy of "talk first, worry about human rights later" would undermine U.S. foreign policy hamper anti-terrorism efforts and support of reformist groups around the world.

6. British-Iraqi millionaire Nadhmi Auchi donated millions to Obama's former campaign manager and Chicago slumlord Tony Rezko, who then negotiated a land deal with Obama two weeks later, in which Obama purchased a house. This is relevant because investigators believe Auchi's loan was part of a kickback scheme that enabled Obama to buy the house at a greatly-discounted price. In return, Rezko and Auchi are alleged to have solicited favors from state government, and both men have criminal records and are facing investigations. The Syrian-born Rezko attempted to obtain political favors from state government officials in Illinois and served time in jail on corruption charges. Auchi (a personal friend of Rezco's and business associate) was responsible for the largest corruption scandal in post-war Europe and was convicted in France. Auchi attempted to gain visa entry to the U.S. and approached certain unnamed Illinois officials for help in obtaining the visa. Obama has also admitted to writing letters on Rezko's behalf to help the landlord obtain state funding for developing a senior living community. For more on this sordid and complicated story, read
this Chicago Tribune article.

7. Obama not only supports partial-birth abortion, as an Illinois state legislator he opposed the Induced Infants Liability Act in 2002, which mandated life-saving medical treatment for babies born accidentally as the result of failed late-term abortions. Even NARAL, NOW, and the most strident pro-abortion groups supported this measure, which clearly had nothing to do with abortion and had everything to do with killing a living, breathing human being. This puts Obama to the left of 99 percent of his Democratic colleagues on the issue.

8. Obama supports drivers licenses for illegals, dispite the fact that
nearly 75 percent of the American people oppose such a disasterous and dangerous policy.

9. Obama served as director to a charity organization when it
donated thousands of dollars to the Arab American Action Network (AAAN), an anti-Israeli group supportive of Palestinian terrorist organizations. AAAN Co-founder Rashid Khalidi, an anti-Isreali, pro-PLO activist who has indicated support for suicide bombings and labeled Israel a "racist" state, serves as a fundraiser and personal friend of Obama. Khalidi said he supports Obama for president "because he is the only candidate who has expressed sympathy for the Palestinian cause" and because Obama "supports talks with Iran. If the U.S. can talk with the Soviet Union during the Cold War, there is no reason it can't talk with the Iranians."

10. As mentioned above, Obama's supporters gleefully allude to the fact he would be the first president to deviate from America's long-held commitment to Israel. Despite his attempts to downplay the pro-Palestinian sympathies he expressed as a Illinois state legislator (recently reiterated by Green Party candidate Ralph Nader), the Obama phenomenon seems to be
causing unease in Jerusalem and among American Jewish and Israeli groups.

11. Contributers and supporters
Bernadette Dohrn and William Ayers aided Sen. Obama's Illinois campaigns by providing strategy, money, and influential liberal backing for his candidacy. Both individuals were part of a radical anti-war, 1960s domestic terrorist group known as the "Weather Underground" which carried out several bombings of federal buildings and corporations that resulted in dozens of deaths. Dohrn served a year in jail, and an unrepetent Ayers told the New York Times in 2001 that not only did he not regret setting off bombs, he feels that they didn't do enough.

12. Obama has broken several campaign promises already: Obama told Tim Russert on on "Meet the Press," Jan. 22, 2006 that he would serve out his full Senate term and not run for the presidency in 2008. Also, Obama pledged to use public financing for his campaign and now seems to be backing down

13. Michelle Obama twice said that "for the first time in my adult life I'm proud of my country." America bashing is always in vogue with the far-left--it's a shame a potential first lady can not see the incredible opportunity her country has provided her.

14. Michelle Obama recently gave her husband advice on the campaign trail "Barack. Feel--don't think!" Wow...how scary and dangerous for our democracy, but it accurately describes the Obama phenomenon as women faint and men cheer as Obama blows his nose (Der Spiegel, a German publican, calls Obama the "Messiah"). Every disasterous and destructive populist movement--from failed American presidencies to Communist revolutions--relied on emotion, perception and the cult of personality over substance of ideas and policy. "Feel--don't think" has always been the mantra of those who peddle their own opium in the attempt to control and manipulate the masses.

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