Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2nd and 3rd District Update

2nd District Update:
Jim Ryun's year-end campaign finance disclosures indicate he raised over $200,000 but his campaign spent a staggering $170,000. With $961,000 total raised, he leads Boyda in fundraising, but he has used a lot to pay off past debts and has spent a lot. His impressive fundraising totals and large number of willing donors bodes well, but the campaign will run out of steam if they continue to spend wildly before the start of the election season.

Lynn Jenkins raised $90,000 last quarter--considerably less than Ryun, but Jenkins has proven she has fiscal restraint--she only spent $38,000 in the previous quarter. Ryun's fundraising advantage may not matter much at all if he keeps spending as he does--Lynn will have enough money saved up for the primary and the general. Sources from both camps indicate that Ryun and Jenkins are traveling throughout the district, energizing supporters. Ryun has logged in hours at parades and neighborhood events in cities and towns throughout the district, while Lynn has held town hall forums and spoken to residents in many of the smaller and more rural towns throughout the 2nd District.

Jenkins' platform is an indication that she intends to clearly compete with Ryun among conservative voters. Her platform emphasizes the need to extend the Bush tax cuts, cutting out-of-control congressional spending, and ending illegal immigration by sealing the border and cracking down on employers. Sources say she will not concede any Republican voter to Ryun, and by emphasizing these bread-and-butter issues, Jenkins has the opportunity to credibly appeal and gain the the votes of many conservatives, since dissatisfaction with congressional progress on spending and immigration led to many GOP voters staying home in 2006, enabling Boyda and the Democrats to gain control of congress. Jenkins reminds voters that she is running against the current Democratic congress and the broken promises of Republicans, making an effective case that she can be the conservative agent of reform.

The Ryun campaign would be wise to note this and note the concerns and angst of Republican voters and their frustration in 2006. A conventional, pre-2006 campaign will clearly not work in the current environment; only by addressing the previous failures of the Republican congress and the currently widely-unpopular Democratic congress with a record 14 percent approval will a 2008 Republican win elections. It can be done, but only if Republicans embrace the basic principles of their party and ackowledge the work that needs to be done. This is something not only for the 2nd district candidates to realize, but for all GOP candidates running from congress down to city council.

3rd District

Nick Jordan's campaign continues to show strength, and judging by the his fundraising last quarter (he raised over $100,000 again) Jordan is earning the support of well-known Republicans from both moderate and conservative circles. Jordan's donors last quarter include Bob Boyer, Ben Craig, the Hon. Robert Dole, Eric Jager, Marvin Kleeb, Karin Brownlee, Mary Kay Culp, Jon Stewart, Ernie Straub, and Tom Zarda.


Anonymous said...

Fellow conservatives need to realize that Lynn supports many of their issues and is the one that can actually win in November.

Anonymous said...

Like life. She's solid on that one. Look at her FEC report. All the pro-choice groups are supporting her.
And don't forget fiscal restraint. Her voting record in the KS House and Senate was stellar in that regard-she only raised taxes when she had the chance to. Which is why the Club for Growth ads against her are so random. I mean, she's proven she's a fiscal conservative by signing the tax pledge-what more can people expect?!!

Anonymous said...

For the record, Lynn Jenkins has voted to ban partial birth abortion, voted to require parental consent, and voted to deny government funding of abortion.

Jim Ryun has great rhetoric, but has voted to fund planned parenthood and allow federal funding of abortion in certain situations. No thanks Jim, I'll take Lynn on this one.