Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sebelius satirized on "The Daily Show"

Well, as if Sebelius' dry, monotone delivery of the Democratic response with nauseating and repetitive overtures of "join us, join us Mr. President" weren't enough, now John Stewart has an excuse to make fun of Kansas. Does anyone else find it ironic that under Sebelius we've lost more private sector jobs, leading us to rank 49th of all the states for our business climate, although we rank third in the number of government jobs--added courtesty of Sebelius! And she tried to raise sales and property taxes, increase cigarette taxes by 50 cents a pack, and allow illegal aliens to obtain drivers licenses. Meanwhile, our insurance market is one of the most uncompetitive and anti-consumer in the country thanks to burdensome state regulations. Yet she is the one trying to educate the president on economic policy.


Anonymous said...

Button it up, Queenie. Too hot for a Kansas winter.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention allowing children of illegal aliens to pay the same tuition as I do after my parents have paid taxes to KS for 14 years. Unbelieveable. The woman is out of her mind and not nearly as "middle of the road" as she would like you to think!