Sunday, March 14, 2010

Call these House Members Now!

Konnection Readers:
I apologize for the long lapse in any updates to this blog. Work (a.k.a., real life for most of us in the private sector) has consumed my time and I recently took a brief week haitus to travel to Sydney, Australiato visit a friend. I will be updating the blog with my travel experiences in Sydney later, including some interviews and insight gleaned from their current local debate on healthcare reform and the local mood ahead of President Obama's visit later this weekend, which has (ironically) been scaled back due to the healthcare takeover his party is attempting to ram through this week. More on that soon.

For now, this is a crucial week as the Democrats still do not have all the votes they need to pass healthcare even on a simple majority vote using the "nuclear" option, especially in the house. If you oppose this heinous bill and want the congress to completely start over from scratch and work out a fiscally-conservative healthcare reform bill that empowers individuals and doctors rather than the federal government while expanding opportunity for medical innovation and promoting competition to bring down prices, contact the House Democrats listed below. The list below is provided courtesty of as all of these members have been identified as swing votes whose support or opposition will make or break the bill, possibly ensuring its defeat once and for all.