Monday, January 14, 2008

KS Political News

Everyone will be talking about the Governor's State of the State address and the Republican reaction, but here are some other stories that have received little attention:
  • Former 2nd District Rep. Jim Slattery's son, Michael Slattery, has filed to run against Ronnie Metsker in KS' 24th house district. Former Democratic opponent Andy Sandler has also filed to run again, setting up a Dem. primary battle, but he has only raised a few thousand dollars compared to the $25,050 balance Slattery reported to the KS Ethics Commission on Jan. 10th. Incumbent Ronnie Metsker (R-Overland Park) has raised nearly $18K but only has a little over $7K on hand. He'll have to pick up the pace in what will be a hard fought race in an increasingly liberal district that includes part of Mission, northern Overland Park, and part of Roeland Park. Metsker has support from everyone in the party though, and a wife who serves on the Shawnee Mission School Board. This is definitely his race to lose.
  • In late December, Titus Bond filed a termination report, ending his candidacy for the 17th district. Does that mean that freshman Rep. Jill Quigley (R-Lenexa) will go unchallenged? We'll see. She's raised nearly $18K, has a website up and running ( and sent out her first online newsletter today (Jill's Journal), following in former Rep. Stephanie Sharp's footsteps. Quigley outlined most of the issues very well and provided a lot of good info for her constituents, but she gave away her bias on immigration, saying that the "Republican agenda for 2008 calls for penalizing illegal immigrants who knowingly register to vote, businesses that knowingly employ illegal immigrants, and those involved with false documentation. The key word here is “knowingly.” Without a reliable national data base, secure borders, and funds/procedures for large numbers of deportations, it is unlikely that state policies will be effective..." When you penalize someone, you take away an existing right or a privilege, essentially punishing them. I don't think you can refer to voter ID requirements as "penalizing" since illegals don't have the right to vote in the first place--these measures are intended to just enforce existing law, not create new law--Quigley's choice of words implies that new law or punishment is being utilized, which is simply just not the case.
  • These first few months will be crucial for Quigley. If she doesn't reach out to the right, she may face a primary challenge. We at the Konnection hope Rep. Quigley will be a uniter and not just another intra-party divider.
  • Dr. Helen Van Etten, current president of the Kansas Republican Assembly, announced she's running for the position of national KS GOP committeewoman to the RNC, being vacated by Alicia Salisbury. Etten sent out a letter to supporters, promising to help the GOP win in '08 and unite the party, pledging to support all Republican nominees and resign her position with KRA if she wins. Sen. Tim Huelskamp is running for the GOP Committeeman nod.

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