Monday, June 11, 2007

City GOP organizations form in JoCo

Your correspondent is back from Europe, ready to report on the news (and catch up on everything he's missed in the U.S.)!

First, I want to say that Rome was beautiful, and I'm thinking about posting a link to some of my photos. I have learned a lot though and I have much to say about Europe's problematic population trends (the continent's inability to integrate immigrants, esp. the large Muslim population, which is growing at exponential rates) and the lack of shared cultural values with the U.S., but I'll save this personal insight for a post later this week.

I've been in discussions with Scott Schwab on re-forming the now defunct Shawnee Republican party. Forming city party organizations for every major city in the county remains a priority of our county GOP leadership, and Shawnee, which once had a vibrant party apparatus, should be at the center of these efforts. Those of you who are Shawnee committee members: watch for flyers in the mail on the upcoming convention to nominate officers. As chair of the Shawnee GOP, I hope to revitalize our grassroots ahead of the '08 election, defend out sitting incumbents (esp. targets such as Reps. Judy Morrison, Owen Donohoe, and Sen. Nick Jordan) and re-claim the 18th district, lost by Mary Pilcher Cook to Cindy Neighbor. We have a lot of hard work ahead, but having city parties will enable close coordination with the county and state parties to provide a much larger and more-integrated network of activists, volunteers, and forums for elected officials and candidates.

And from our own JoCo GOP chair Scott Schwab, a list of the current city GOP clubs being formed (volunteers have approached Scott about heading up organizations in these cities) :
  • Shawnee

  • Lenexa

  • Overland Park

  • Prairie Village

  • Leawood

  • Mission

  • Mission Hills

It's worth mentioning that Olathe is the only JoCo city that has had an active and vibrant Republican party organization for many years now. Our party has struggled to remain as developed and prepared as the minority county Dems, but this is one major step towards bridging that gap.

Last item: Rep. Pat Colloton of Leawood is considering a run for congress against Dennis Moore. What are your thoughts? I have my own thoughts on her chances, but what do you think?

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