Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Race is On!

Johnson County will have it's most competitive race for District Attorney in years with political opportunist and Republican-turned-Democrat Rick Guinn (D) running against Steve Howe (R) in a blockbuster matchup. Both are former prosecutors from within the DA's office and both have a wealth of experience.

When Guinn campaigned for the job to the GOP precinct committee members back in January, in his letter he said that he and his wife "were loyal Republicans" and "had every intention of remaining so." Yeah, and as soon as he loses, he goes to bat for the opposing team.

Howe, meanwhile, lost, and despite being fired by Phill Kline, has acted graciously and has worked to build up support among all factions of the party.
Despite this blockbuster election being more than a year and a half away, both candidates already have their campaign websites up and running:

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