Thursday, May 17, 2007

The mood in Rome

Your faithful correspondent here at the Konnection is completing a study abroad course in Rome, Italy and will not be returning to the states until June 4th, so this will probably be the only posting until then (so don't fear liberal bloggers--this blog has not died, and will be up and running regularly again in a few weeks).

This is my first experience in a foreign country, but despite the strong anti-war tide here in Rome (I've alreay seen numerous anti-war messages scrawled acrosss walls and witnessed an anti-war march near the Colosseum), unlike other parts of Europe, the Italians don't seem to hold any hostility towards Americans. All of our group's encounters have been extremely cordial. A street vendor asked if I was Australian, and I replied ''No, sono Americano,'' to which he replied, ''Oh, Americano! Amo Americani (I love Americans). And then in English, ''God Bless You.''

Having read out the immigration problems, I have noticed the large immigrant (mainly West African and Middle Eastern) populations are segregated in their own neighborhoods and shops here in Rome. Integration does not seem to be occuring--at least not like we are accostomed to in the U.S.

I'll report more when I return.

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BJB said...

Brandon, I was there about seven years ago. Wonderful place, but watch where you wander. Some in Rome harbored ill will toward Americans then, and I imagine that is many times more the case now.

Note the communist party has headquarters just around the corner from the Vatican, and do see the Vatican museum and scavi tour while there, they are a must do.

It is too bad you are not around to defend your man Rudy. We have a fine discussion of his relative merits and demerits started at my blog: