Saturday, June 16, 2007

Jordan leaves open possibility of congressional run

Last week, the Konnection had the opportunity to meet with state Senator Nick Jordan (R-Shawnee) and discuss area politics, issues facing Kansas, and the 2008 elections.

Jordan commented on his success in passing $140 million for early childhood education through the Kauffman Foundation, and the funding for a new science and math initiative to make Kansas competitively nationally and internationally.

Jordan has also been a leader in helping to build the bio-science indursty in Kansas. He says that more conservatives need to realize that embryonic stem cell research accounts for only 1% of the innovative research taking place in the biotech industry, and that they need to be out front in their support of growing that sector, despite being morally opposed to embryonic stem cells, because most of the development and research taking place in KS is unrelated to stem cells and not morally questionable.

Jordan confirmed that he has no intention of leaving the state senate to take a job in the state tourism industry, but he did leave open the possibility he would step down to run for congress against Dennis Moore. Although he called this scenario "unlikely at this time," in his later conversation, he frequently uttered the statement "If I would run..." in describing what he would do on the federal level. He was also candid in what he thought were the mistakes of Phill Kline, Adam Taff, Kris Kobach, and Chuck Ahner in their attempts to take Moore down, and Jordan was remarkably specific in his analysis of how he would raise money, recruit volunteers, and stay on message.

So to recap: Jordan will definitely either stay in the senate or run for congress...the rumors about retirement or a job in the tourism sector have no basis in fact. And Jordan is strategically leaving the door to a congressional run open, while downplaying the likelihood of a bid.

Sounds like someone has been approached numerous times and has really thought about this.
The Konnection has to wonder if Jordan is waiting to see the caliber of the other GOP contenders vying for the nomination, and based on that, will make a final decision.
The Konnection believes he could be one of the most formidable candidates we could put up against Moore in '08, due to his support among both moderates and conservatives in Johnson County. We hope Jordan seriously considers a bid.

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