Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Ron Paul "Non-Factor"

Tom Tancredo has dropped out of the presidential race while throwing his support behind Romney. The only viable (i.e. candidates to watch) are Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and John McCain. Ron Paul, Fred Thompson, and Duncan Hunter are interesting if not entertaining non-factors in this race.

Speaking of Ron Paul, much has been made of ability to raise large sums of money. On social and economic issues, he strikes the right chord with the party faithful, but I believe he is gravely wrong on the greatest issue of our time. Superficially, his greatest liability and roadblock to the nomination remains his staunch rejection of a proactive military and intelligence approach to the war on Islamic terrorism and his unrealistic reliance on an isolationist foreign policy.

Beneath the surface, he has another liability. While trudging through rush hour traffic near Oak Park Mall last week, I noticed a Taurus in front of me with a "Ron Paul for President" sticker on the left bumper and on the right bumper, a sticker declaring "9-11 was an inside job" with a website address providing more info.

The fanatical and almost cult-like behavior of some of Ron Paul's followers was disturbing enough, including their intimidation and gestappo tactics they utilize when infiltrating even non-political events. But the fact that many buy into these deranged 9-11 conspiracy theories dooms Paul's candidacy--since he has failed to directly refute their claims. That type of lunacy has no place in civilized political discourse.

I'll handicap the race in Iowa in the next few days and make some predictions as to who will endure the chaotic primaries and caucuses on both sides.


Chris said...

Dang, was hoping you had somethin' substantial against Ron Paul. In a few days we'll see just how much of a non-factor he is. I look forward to see your blog response to his performances in the early states.

Sean said...

Paul did directly reject the 9/11 trutherism theories, calling them "preposterous". Seen in this clip:

Pablo said...

You are so wrong, I can't believe you can't see the position you have put your self in. Just wait a few days and rethink everything.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you have not done any worthwhile research on the so called 9/11 attacks. There oare so many holes in the msm official story that it makes Swiss cheese look like mozarella. To dismiss any critics of the 9/11 event as kooks or unpatriotic is to deny the basis of our democracy. Our government has lied, lies and will lie to us to further an agenda which serves the few elites not the vast majority. Mr. Paul has not jumped on board with the alternate explanations however which is to his detriment. The true fairy tale is the information spread by the newsmedia. And to drive you really up the wall there were no planes used to bring down the WTC and to damage the Pentagon. No evidence that is legitimate was shown, no numbered parts of the planes were found. Open minded people if doing the proper web research will discover that the planes shown on the almighty TV were computer inserted imagery. The second hit shows the plane penetrating the building whole, a laughable physical impossibility. Yes our government continues to play its people for suckers with the comnplicity of its MSM partners. Sad but true but nothing new. It's actually nas old as the Republic. It has to do with money and power. ends to which certain people will do anything, however immoral, to accomplish.

KU Blue said...

I'm shocked, we actually agree on something.

Well stated, too.

Bryan J. Brown said...

Isn't it amazing how the main stream media and those slavishly minimicing the same tell us who is viable (ie acceptable to the elites) before a very small minority (of the majority in the midwest???) in Iowa gets the opportunity to do the same for us?

Why is true town hall style democracy so scary in modern America?