Thursday, December 20, 2007

KS Weekly Political News Roundup

Three different sources (two elected officials and one Topeka lobbyist) have indicated that based on what they have heard, Chris Biggs will be the next AG.

This is mere rumor and speculation, but it comes from knowledgable sources.

Roll Call has reported that Nick Jordan raised over $100,000 at his fundraiser with VP Dick Cheney two weeks ago. This blog reported a conservative amount of $30,000 raised, based on the minimum required donation and an approximate count of attendees. We always knew that the fundraising total would be much greater. All of the Democratic blogs who misjudged the success of this fundraiser will look foolish now for their attempts to downplay this event as a failure. Raising $100,000 in a low-key, small, and private fundraiser at a personal residence shows that Jordan has the momentum. Dennis beware!

Also, in the race to replace Nick Jordan in the 10th Senate District (covering most of Shawnee and Lake Quivira), Shawnee real estate agent Patrick Regan has dropped out on the GOP side. This leaves former 18th District state rep. Mary Pilcher Cook and Board of Ed. member Sue Gamble vying for the seat. Is Regan considering running in the 18th district against Mary? If anyone knows, feel free to drop a line in the comments section (you can post anonymously now)!

Who do you support in the 10th Senate District GOP primary? Now that the field been narrowed down to two candidates, vote now!


Anonymous said...

$100,000 dollars is still pathetically weak. Graves raised $300,000 with Cheney.

Hell, last week the Sen. Hensley held a Topeka fundraiser that brought in more cash than "Nick and Dick"

It's clear that you've never seen the inside of campaign finance operation, so don't try to get smart or cute. You're neither.

Anonymous said...

Graves' fundraiser was larger. This was a small-scale event. Either way you spin it, considering that the Jordan campaign wanted to keep it small, $100,000 is a large sum of money.

When was the last time Moore raised $100,000 at a single fundraiser? You obviously have little to no experience raising money--I've never heard $100,000 called "pathetically weak."

Anonymous said...

Graves' fundraiser was larger.

Obviously. That's the gist of the criticism.

Why is Jordan thinking small?

Anonymous said...

First, I don't believe that Nick really raised $100k. I think the number is pumped. He only pulled $30k at the Cheney event.

Second, it doesn't make a bit of difference because even if he did raise $100k its still not even close to where he should be in fundraising. In order to beat Moore, Nick needs to bring the Veep to town 30 times. Give me a break! It's a lost cause. NRCC won't be able to contribute dime. Unless somebody has a $3m warchest from the get-go its a no-go

Anonymous said...

Keep telling yourself that. Roll Call magazine reported that Jordan raised $100K. They are a reputable, nonpartisan Hill publication. I guess we'll see who's right when the actual numbers are released by the FEC.

Jordan entered the last quarter late, only having two months left, yet he still managed to raise over $100K. He's raised more in such a short time than any previous GOP candidate. And rumors are flying that funds from the NRCC are flowing into the 3rd District.

Jordan does not need to top Moore in fundraising--he just needs to come close. Many of the challengers who won in '06 actually trailed the incumbents in fundraising.

The election cycle hasn't even begun, yet Jordan is off to a great start. His next fundraising report is expected to be a substantial increase in funding from the last one.

It's interesting to note how the Dems are in attack mode--they're really afraid of Jordan!