Friday, March 23, 2007

Moral Relativism run amok in Germany...

We all know the dangers of 'moral relativism' far too well--the philosophy that there are no moral absolutes (right or wrong) just shades of gray, and that morality differs from culture to culture, nation to nation. Hence, with a straight face, moral relativists can say that female mutilation is wrong in our culture but morally right in Zambia because of it's cultural traditions.

A large and growing Muslim population, coupled with an atmosphere of political correctness and fear of invoking any sense of national unity have led to a European continent that is slowly disintegrating before our eyes. We rolled our eyes when press freedom was actually debated because of the unrest over the Danish cartoons. We sighed when the German opera decided to cancel a play with references to Mohammed after fear of inciting Muslim extremists.
Well, now we should be shouting because Europe has reached the tipping point.

Just from the AP--A German judge cited the Quran when denying a a young woman a divorce who tearfully sobbed she was being abused by her husband.

The judge, a native, white European, is a prime example of the problem with Europe's elitist left and proud moral relativists. Judge Christa Datz-Winter rationalized the abuse by saying "both partners came from a "Moroccan cultural environment in which it is not uncommon for a man to exert a right of corporal punishment over his wife" and then she proceeded to cite a passage from the Quran that reads in part "men are in charge of women."

Now, most likely this woman judge herself is a modern, western feminist, but in her inherently insensitive and twisted ruling, she is trying to accomodate Islamic, Sharia law in Germany under the rationale that we must respect their culture, their beliefs no matter what. Oh, far be it for us to impose German law on them just because they live in Germany and may even be naturalized German citizens!

The woman's case is on appeal, and it looks like the judge will be disciplined. This is strikingly similar to what happened when Canada tried to appease its Muslim extremists by allowing Sharia law in place of Canadian civil law. The result was a backlash against the nation by Muslim women everywhere: when women started receiving harsh punishments and were denied divorces, Canada woke up from their mulicultural utopian slumber and realized that the practice was incompatible with Canadian law and western values.

This just proves that an emphasis on multiculturalism to the point of absurdity will only hurt the individuals it claims to help the most.

And this serves as a caveat to those Americans on the left and some members of our own U.S. Supreme Court: Still anxious about citing European law and using it as a basis for our own court decisions?


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