Monday, March 19, 2007

Blogs and websites of interest...

There's a new, cutting-edge, hard hitting Republican blog for Kansas politicos.
Stay Red Kansas has only been active for a month, but it is already generating buzz
about who could possibly run the site and the amount of inside info the author has on
state politics and KS' federal officials. Good site to bookmark and check out:

Also, a new daily tabloid called the Politico rolled out from the presses this year in DC, and this is the first newspaper to be devoted ENTIRELY to politics--DC, state, and local. For those of you who don't make regular trips to our nation's capital, check out the online version full of content--columns, editorials, news, and blogs:

Myspace has set up a special politics channel to cover the main presidential candidates--5 dems and 5 GOPers. You can read their profiles, chat with them live if they're signed on, and message them with your support (and money)!

I've added these links to my blog listings in the right-hand column. The blog entries are listed by local relevance, with the local Kansas/Missouri blogs appearing first and blogs that cover national politics appearing last.

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