Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bush Admin. has no backbone, Sebelius' scandals starting to unravel

The Bush administration has withdrawn the nomination of Sam Fox to be ambassador of Belgium, according to the AP. Sam Fox, if you remember, is a Missouri businessman, from the St. Louis area, who has been grilled this week in senate hearings by John Kerry because of his $50,000 donation to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Some Democrats wanted him to renounce the group and his support of them, but Fox courageously refused--and some Democrats were preparing to vote against him because of this. Well, now Bush has preemptively withdrawn the nomination, so there won't be any vote, even though Fox did have the support of Mo. Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

This follows a pattern of incredible timidness and incompetence radiating from the White House. They absolutely refuse to fight on behalf of their nominees (including their court nominees) and they don't defend their policies vigorously enough. When Tony Snow was asked if Gonzales was going to survive the current U.S. attorneys controversy, he responded "we hope so." What is that?! How about "of course, there was no wrongdoing and the administration has operated under the same rules for hiring and firing as previous administrations." But no...instead, the White House shows it's weak and lets the Democrats lie, whine, complain, without going on the offense. It's disturbing and frusterating. If the White House is not going to play hardball and fight back, then maybe they deserve what is being thrown at them.
Trying to be soft and conciliatory in politics is nothing more than a slow-bleed strategy that attracts sharks pursuing the smell of blood in the water.

We know our great governor Kathleen has been hard at work appointing political cronies to the state supreme court and various other commissions, but now a new scandal emerges. River Ridge developers, under a lease-purchase agreement with the state to build a new state park, bought property for $275,000 just 3 years ago and now, according to a recent state audit, the property is now appraised at over $700,000. And the developers and their companies donated more than $40,000 to Sebelius' campaign, including the current chairman of the KS Real Estate Commission (who donated to Sebelius) as well as two lawyers (who represented the governor) will be making a nice profit on their land. And don't forget this is taxpayer dollars that this development company will be awarded. And setting aside the obvious ethical improprieties, isn't it a conflict of interest to serve as chair of the KS Real Estate Commission
(a governor-appointed board) and be awarded a state contract? Am I missing something here?

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Federalist said...


Is anybody watching the Sebelius scandals on a regular basis. This is very interesting (and disgusting at the same time).


Brandon Kenig said...

I know that the owner of the "KS Meadowlark" blog reports on Sebelius' scandals and ethical lapses. The mainstream media is only beginning to pick up on it with this story (although, only the Wichita Eagle and Lawrence Journal-World have covered the developer story; the KC Star has bypassed it for now).

Federalist said...

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