Thursday, August 20, 2009

Battle for the 3rd District

Dennis Moore's unquestionable support for socialized medicine and his refusal to engage constituents in a town hall format (due to some perceived "death threats") are causing angst and anger throughout the 3rd District. There is solid evidence that Moore could be very vulnerable in 2010, this year, for the first time in his 11-year career in the House.

Several prospective candidates have emerged: Jason Mara of Olathe, Biotech industry businessman John Rysavy, Iraq War veteran Sgt. Dan Gilyeat, former state representative Patricia Lightner, and Overland Park City Councilman Terry Goodman.

It remains to be seen whether more candidates jump in the fray (as they smell blood in the water) and when some of the candidates already in the race drop out.

At this time, Patricia Lightner seems to be the strongest candidate. Lightner has name recognition, having served in the Kansas state legislature from 1999-2004 as the 29th district state representative for Overland Park and chairing the house Insurance Committee. Lightner, a former contender for the congressional seat in the 2004 GOP primary, currently serves as Vice President of State Government Relations for HSBC.

Lightner recently spoke to the Johnson County Young Republicans:

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