Tuesday, August 04, 2009

3rd District Republican candidates for congress to speak at JoCo Young Republicans meeting

Join the Johnson County Young Republicans this Wednesday, August 5th at 7 pm at Old Chicago (119th and Metcalf) as they welcome two Republican candidates planning to take on embattled, unpopular incumbent Democrat Dennis Moore. Two declared Republican candidates running for the 3rd District congressional seat in 2010 currently held by Dennis Moore--Patricia Lightner and Daniel Gilyeat--will be speaking to the group.

Patricia Lightner served in the Kansas state legislature from 1999-2004 as the 29th district state representative for Overland Park, chairing the house Insurance Committee. Lightner, a former contender for the congressional seat in the 2004 GOP primary, currently serves as Vice President of State Government Relations for HSBC.

Sgt. Daniel Gilyeat is a single father who served two tours in Iraq and was given a new home by the television show Extreme Home Makeover. Come here how these candidates plan to defeat Dennis Moore and return the 3rd District to Republican representation.

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G.windybrown said...

Thank You for inviting Daniel Gilyeat to speak at your August 1st. Meeting. I noticed that the only thing mentioned about Mr. Gilyeat was that he was an Iraq War Veteran, a single Father and got a home from Extreme Makeover Home Edition. This all is true but what wasn't mentioned is that Danny Gilyeat is a tireless worker for many Wounded Warrior Foundations including the Foundation that nominated him for EM-HE, Helping A Hero Foundation. He also does fund raising for A Salute to Americas Heroes, a foundation to support the families of wounded and fallen soldiers. His is currently working on the Purple Heart Bike to honor recipients of that medal of which he is one. He is one of the only 13% of Americans who are Veterans and have defended the freedoms that we hold dear. He is committed to serving Kansas and the Nation in whatever capacity he can. All in all Danny is a true hero to hundreds of wounded vets and their families for his counseling and support. He offers this state a unique perspective about defending not just the state but the Nation. Just wanted to offer a little clarification.

Gayle Brown
Campaign Manager
Gilyeat for Congress.