Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where in the world is Dennis Moore?

Kansas City Star's Primebuzz blog broke the story that Dennis Moore is somewhere abroad, likely in Europe, but his staff mysteriously refuses to say where he is, when he left, or when he will return. Oh and the reasoning? National security issues. We don't want Moore being attacked by terrorists. Even though congressmen and women travel all the time around the world, even to hot spots like Iraq and Israel while letting the press and their constituents know, apparently Dennis Moore is just way too important. Of course, this is a taxpayer-funded trip, and the residents of Johnson, Douglas, and Wyandotte counties deserve to know what their elected representative is doing for them. Apparently, Dennis doesn't think we deserve to know.

At least when the governor travels around the country every week campaigning for Obama on the taxpayer's dime, we know where she is. Unfortunately, Moore cannot give us the same courtesy. Another reason to vote out this out-of-touch congressman who's been in Washington for far too long.

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