Thursday, May 08, 2008

2nd, 3rd District Updates

2nd District Update
Lynn Jenkins opened her campaign office to much fanfare on Saturday. The office was crowded and Kansans were eager to hear the State Treasurer speak. Kansas' new national Republican Committeewoman, Helen Van Etten, was also present. Just one day before, the campaign released an internal poll that showed Jenkins beating Ryun, 48 to 41 percent. Jenkins pledged not to go negative and reiterated the three main planks of her campaign: making the Bush tax cuts permanent, cutting spending, and ending illegal immigration--all part of her theme of bringing "New Republican Leadership" to Washington. Jenkins also alleged that Ryun's negative attacks against her were a substitute for his lack of legislative accomplishments while serving in the house. Lynn said she has visited every county in the 2nd district; Jim Ryun is also working hard, visiting every county. This will be a blockbuster primary and general election race against "Bad News" Boyda.

3rd District Update
Jordan continues to work hard and has posted incredible fundraising totals. On April 14th, Jordan and his campaign staff stood outside local post offices to remind taxpayers of Dennis Moore's poor record on taxes and his failure to vote for tax relief for millions of hardworking Americans.

According to Stu Rothenberg, the 2nd District race is currently a toss-up, and the 3rd District race has been demoted from "likely Democratic" to "leans Democratic." We at the Konnection expect the 3rd District rating to change soon to "toss up" as well, now that Moore has to run against a popular state senator with a record of accomplishment--something that Moore does not have. Several years ago, jokes were made that Moore was perhaps the most unknown congressman among his colleagues--few fellow representatives could identify him. The third district, a hub for business and bio-science, should be represented by a congressman who is recognizable by all and who fights for his district by actually sponsoring bills and taking a leadership position in the house. Representation for Johnson, Wyandotte, and part of Douglas counties has been lacking for 10 years now--Kansas deserves better.

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Anonymous said...

Who did Jenkins' poll? I find it hard to believe that she could be up 7 in her poll and down 40+ in Ryun's poll.