Friday, March 07, 2008

Lawmakers take a stand against earmarks

UPDATE: Both Jim Ryun and Lynn Jenkins have taken the pledge to not use earmarks. Kansas Progress has more. This positive development is an encouraging sign that the Republican Party has learned some lessons from 2006 and some candidates are prepared to run on the core principles of limited government that helped propel Reagan to the White House in 1980 and led to the GOP takeover of the house in 1994.

25 congressional representatives and 5 senators have signed a pledge to stop receiving earmarks. Not suprisingly, only 2 of the 25 congressmen and 2 of the 6 senators are Democrats.
GOP Presidential nominee John McCain tops the the list, along with Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, but sadly, Kansas' delegation is completely absent.

Kansas Progress has more about the effort to encourage KS to step up and take leadership on the issue of earmarks.

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Anonymous said...

Great to see Jim coming around ... guess he learned a lesson on the pork?