Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Poll: McCain should answer the 3 am phone call

Acc. to Zogby:

Who Do You Want To Answer 3am Phone Call

John McCain 55%
Hillary 37%

John McCain 56%
Barack Obama 35%

Hillary 48%
Barack Obama 38%

This poll was done March 13-14 among 1004 likely voters.

Obama fares badly against McCain and Clinton--perhaps his 20-year lapse in judgment regarding his radical reverend is the reason. Can you imagine the radical Rev. Jeremiah Wright (instead of Obama) on the other end of the phone line spewing racist vitriole to world leaders such as Nicholas Sarkozy and Harmid Karzai? Obama's failure to address and distance himself from this offensive hate monger is very troubling. After all, it was Obama who said that "words do matter..." in responding to the Clinton campaign. For a campaign that has stressed judgment, this is a debilitating blow.

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