Friday, October 05, 2007

KS 10th District State Senate Race Update

Well, 17 votes does not make an official poll but the results so far from the Konnection's online poll for Nick Jordan's 10th district state senate seat:

Mary Pilcher Cook 53%
Sue Gamble 24%
Bob Bibb 6%
Patrick Regan 18%

Only Pilcher Cook and Regan have publicly indicated they are running. The Konnection's sources indicate that Gamble is on the verge of making a commitment to enter the race. It will be interesting to see if Bibb goes ahead with a bid or decides that the field is already croweded enough. One thing's for sure: the 10th district primary will be the most exciting in JoCO.

Mary Pilcher Cook is already hard at work. Her website, has been updated to reflect her announced run at the senate seat and includes her new slogan "I'm with Mary: Experience. Integrity. Reason."

This now opens an interesting question: with all the Republicans scrambling for Nick's seat, who will challenge Cindy Neighbor for Mary's old state rep seat in the 18th District? The Republicans would be foolish to give this up without a fight. In fact, the Konnection is surprised that Bibb hasn't turned his attention to the 18th district, instead of trying to throw his hat into the state senate primary. Neighbor is a first-termer who barely won by a few hundred votes. With the right Republican (translation: almost any Republican!) she could be beaten, especially in an election year with Hillary on the ballot.

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