Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hillary was for drivers licenses for illegals before she was against it

In what was the highlight in an otherwise lackluster Democratic debate in the "city of brotherly love," Tim Russert asked Hillary whether she supported NY Gov. Elliot Spitzer's proposal to give drivers licenses to all illegal aliens in the state. Hillary responded:
"Spitzer is trying to make up for the failure of the Bush Administration to address illegal immigration. He's filling a vaccuum... We need to get back
to comprehensive immigration reform."
Literally seconds later, Russert asked the Democrats for a show of hands of anyone who opposed licenses for illegals. ONLY Chris Dodd raised his hand, and then he proceeded to clearly and effectively articulate his opposition. As soon as Dodd finishes, Hillary speaks up to contend that she did not endorse Spitzer's plan personally but she thinks he has the right idea (whatever that means...more doublespeak). Dodd seizes on Hillary's flip-flopping and a verbal spat ensues and ends with Hillary pathetically accusing Russert of asking a "gotcha" question in one last, final act of desparation.

The best lines of the night came from Hillary's Democratic opponents.

Edwards: “Unless I missed something, Senator Clinton said two different things in the course of about two minutes just a few minutes ago.”

Obama: he couldn’t tell if she is “for it or against it.”

Here's a simple question: if Hillary is "personally" opposed to licenses for illegals but "publicly" understanding of the position (as her convoluted answer seemed to suggest) why didn't she just raise her hand with Dodd when Russert asked the question?

Here's what Hillary said about the issue just weeks ago to the New York Times:

"I know exactly what Governor Spitzer’s trying to do and it makes a lot of
sense, because he’s trying to get people out of the shadows. He’s trying to say,
“O.K., come forward and we will give you this license.”
I think it's very clear where she stands--against the vast majority of New Yorkers, 72% of whom oppose the proposal according to a recent poll, and against 72% of all Americans, according to a 2006 poll.

Hillary continues to give ammunition to her critics and has now provided a signature issue for the Republicans in her public association with Spitzer's disasterous plan.

And with her convoluted answers, flip floping, and unease at tonight's debate, it is clear that Sen. Clinton is not driving her own policy--she has taken the backseat and handed the license to the liberal fringe of her party--just as she is willing to hand over our national security with Spitzer's wildly unpopular license plan.

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