Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Clarification on the KS Loyalty Committee

The Rule: ''County, district or state (party) officers, who by any documented public action donate, contribute or endorse a candidate other than the Republican nominee in a contested, partisan campaign for public office in the state of Kansas, shall forfeit their official title and all rights associated with it under the rules of the Kansas Republican Party.''

This only affects PARTY officers who PUBLICLY endorse or support a Democrat (how they choose to vote or whom they support privately is not even an issue. This will affect moderates who flee from conservatives to endorse Democrats and conservative activists (such as some pro-life activists) who publicly endorse pro-life Democrats.

Even KS GOP Committeeman Steve Cloud thinks this is a good idea.

"When we passed this amendment, we finally took the step of becoming the Republican Party. Not the moderate party or the conservative party nor a party of a particular ideological group. But rather we became the Republican Party, with the singular goal of seeking to enact the wishes of the Republican electorate in general elections regardless of ideological beliefs," stated Kansas Republican Party Executive Director Christian Morgan.

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BJB said...

I can certainly see why the Rudy camp views this as a step forward.
'Nuf said.