Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bad News Boyda Runs from the Truth

First term KS Dem. Rep. Nancy Boyda has said and done a lot of stupid things, but this may be her most inept move yet. Last week, when Retired Gen. Jack Keane was giving his honest assessment before members of congress, describing both the successes and failures in Iraq thus far. Well, the news was a little too positive for Nancy, so she rudely just walked out of the committee hearings.

Said Nancy: "Those kinds of comments will, in fact, show up in the media and further divide this country," Boyda said, adding, "I hear over and over again that the Marines are at war, the Army’s at war and this country is at the mall."

So now we're at the point in our country where positive news out of Iraq will just "divide us", and should be avoided, rather than praised and assessed? We seem to have also reached the point in time where a congressional member can claim to have more knowledge of the "reality" of the situation on the ground than an experienced military general, despite having just taken a week trip to the battle-torn country while staying mostly in the confines of Baghdad's "safe zone."

Memo to Lynn Jenkins and Jim Ryun: One of you please save us from this case of complete ineptitude! For someone representing a district with 2 military bases, Boyda isn't that cognizant of her constituents.

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