Friday, April 27, 2007

KS House overrides Sebelius' veto

Yesterday, the House was able to override Sebelius on the conceal carry measure which forces cities to follow the law the legislature passed. The final vote was 98-26, much more than the 2/3 required to override a veto. And Rep. Lance Kinzer added an amendment to SB 357 to strengthen the enforcement of KS law banning late-term abortions in wake of the recent Supreme Court decision.

BTW--what do you all think of the SC decision? Most mainstream people on both sides of the debate agree this is a gruesome procedure, the taking of a human life, and, as most doctors say, is almost never medically necessary. Commonsense measures to promote and protect life should be a no brainer. Abortion is a hot topic, but most agree that it should be restricted and regulated as much as possible--and this is the first good step.

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