Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Giuliani campaign stop in Leawood

You may have heard that '08 Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani was in Springfield, Mo. last weekend. You may not have heard that he also stopped in KC.

The Konnection learned that Giuliani was in town last saturday evening at a fundraiser in a private home in Leawood. Apparently, he was warmly greeted by all those in attendence and raised some needed campaign dollars. Attendees included Johnson County GOP chairman Scott Schwab, and JoCo GOP state representatives Kevin Yoder, Pat Colloton, Kay Wolf, Ron Worley, and Sheryl Spalding, as well as Kansas house speaker Melvin Neufeld.

Since the state legislature voted against funding a primary this year, the late caucus date will not inspire any public campaign appearances from aspiring presidential nominees, but we can probably expect to see many more candidates visiting Johnson County for fundraising.


Federalist said...

Let's hope we can get a coherent message together with enough momentum to dump Dennis M. Kansas will vote Red again, but we really need those two house seats back in the GOP camp.


BJB said...


Help me out here, just how does Giuliani for Prez advance the ball for the GOP?

For example, does anything in his past or record hint at what kind of justice he would place on the high bench? Another Sam Alito? I doubt it. What of his view on federalism and the limits of governmental power? (Did he opine, for example, on the Supreme's landmark Kelo v. New London eminent domain decision?) And how about questions of personal liberties such as those guaranteed under the Second Amendment or the alleged “emanations and penumbras” of the federal constitution? Is he principled, or pragmatic with a well oiled press agent and money raising machine? The time to slow down and ask hard questions is now, before we plunge over a cliff and into the ocean.

If Rudy is at the top of the ticket, is this not new ground for the GOP" What previous first tier candidate compares to him as to policies and perspectives, pray tell? (I.e., I do not see shades of Reagan. Does anyone?) What kind of platform would need to be written to parallel his candidacy?

Any thoughts?

Brandon Kenig said...

Well, let me preface this by saying there is no one perfect candidate in the race (from my point of view). We have a campaign veteran who has upset the base numerous times and while conservative on core issues, seems to have put his career advancement before all else (McCain). Another has swtiched positions on almost every major issue and groomed himself for this run (Romney). Having said that, I think both are still good candidates and are obvious choices over anything the Dems could offer.

But Giuliani was mayor of a city of 7 million--NY, which is no easy feat. His mayoral tenure was the most successful example of urban, conservative governance in history.

He slashed taxes, reduced crime and bureaucracy, carried forward his tough-on-crime stance from when he was busting unions as an attorney in the Reagan admin., and he started the first private school voucher program for inner city youth in NYC--which is still providing opportunites for children in that blighted public school district today.

Giuliani led after 9/11, became a firm and steadfast supporter of the War on Terror and Reagan's "Peace through strength" foreign policy. Giuliani has all but publicly endorsed the idea of a flat tax, which is why Forbes is supporting him.

He rationally explains his positions on all the issues and doesn't try to cover up his past to appease the base. He's a core supporter of states' rights in many areas. He vocally supported Alito and Roberts when they were nominated to the SC and lobbied Schumer and Hillary on their behalf.

He also traveled the country working for Republicans--mostly conservatives and speaking on their behalf in the 2000 election and again in 2004.

There are many conservatives supporting Giuliani (I could provide you a list) and he has a well-oiled fundraising machine He raised $14.8 million (more than McCain, who's been raising money for almost a year now) and Giuliani has only been funraising for 5 months.

The conservative grassroots like Giuliani much more than McCain (personality-wise) and if you look at the big picture, having Giuliani on the ticket would help Republicans down the ballot--there'd be an obvious coattails effect.

Giuliani's opinion on Kelo? I don't know...I'll ask the campaign. I'd like to know that too, as that's a big issue for me and the court's decision was outrageous. Rudy has said that he wouldn't carry over his policy in NYC regarding guns...he said NYC was a special case, the rights of citizens under the 2nd Amend. should not be abridged. I still don't agree with his gun policies in NYC, but I wasn't there, and in the overall scheme of things, keeping Hillary and Obama out is more important (I can venture a bet at their gun control policies...and it doesn't look pretty).

BJB said...

Well played young man. I look forward to reading more from you on Mayor G.