Sunday, February 04, 2007

Campaign '08 Update

Sam Brownback is the senator running for President from Kansas and Mitt Romney is the governor running for President from Missouri? Not quite, Romney's from Massachusetts, but you might not be able to tell from the endorsements he's been getting. Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt not only endorsed Romney, he worked the phones for him during a fundraising day several weeks ago. And recently, former MO Sen. Jim Talent announced he's joining the Romney campaign as an associate. I may be a Kansan, but I was born in Missouri, most of my friends and family are in Missouri, and these developments are very interesting to say the least, esp. since Sam Brownback hails from Missouri's western neighbor and he has yet to pick up any endorsements in the "show me state."

Hillary was in Des Moines last week, attempting to produce a few laughs by commenting on her experience with "evil men." Just this past saturday, Congressman Tom Tancredo (who can only win the nomination if Hell freezes over twice) was campaigning in western Iowa, Council Bluffs, at a VFW hall. His reception on this day with a high of 8 degrees was chilly (no pun intended) to say the least. Voters wanted to hear more about other issues and his other positions, and expressed some skepticism at his primary chances.

On another note, KS National Committeeman Steve Cloud was spotted at Kansas Days sporting a McCain lapel pin--apparently he's not supporting Kansas' native son either. Of course, Cloud was never expected to endorse Brownback in the first place, although I'm a little surprised he endorsed McCain over Giuliani. It will be Steve Cloud and the rest of the KS delegation that actually get to vote in the eventual nominee (with heavy consideration towards the KS primary results of course) so seeing an influential if not colorful Republican like Cloud publicly endorse a candidate this early on shows that there will be division even among Kansans--like the rest of the country--despite the fact one of our own is in the race.


Federalist said...


I have never thought of Brownback as a national candidate.

Romney, Gulianai, and McCain have a great deal more exposure (and frankly, less baggage, than Sam...regardless of how you think things really are....he does have a pretty clear perception "out there".

What about Kansas Days ?

Are we united ? Hopefully

Brandon Kenig said...

Kansas Days was great. There were people and leaders from across the state present, and everybody seemed to be getting along.
Sen. Pat Roberts gave a motivational "go get 'em" speech to committee member on the '08 elections and he also gave the keynote speech sat. night.

Federalist said...

Now I feel worse for missing them.