Friday, October 01, 2010

More Headaches for Moore as Yoder campaign launches

In the most brilliant political move of the week, Kevin Yoder's campaign rolled-out, a satirical and critical website that places Stephene Moore and Nancy Pelosi side-by-side, marked with a "stamp of approval" from Nancy Pelosi herself. The site features a creative video that showcases Moore's DC townhouse (just mere blocks from the Capitol building) and paints her as a Washington insider. The site also chronicles Moore's exotic travel with her congressman husband on the taxpayer's dime--a total of $50,000--while turning each itemized expense as an opportunity to give a similar amount to Yoder's campaign for congress.

Perhaps most hilarious is the video of a Yoder staffer following Moore to numerous events over the course of the campaign and questioning her over whether she'd vote for Pelosi as speaker and receiving no answer again and again.

Yoder's campaign displayed savvy campaign skill in buying the domain early. Moore's campaign proved to be inept and just politically ignorant in failing to purchase the domain name of THEIR OWN CANDIDATE and prevent this type of scenario from occuring.

The Moore campaign only compounded their problems by attempting to shut down the site on a legal technicality involving the seller's right to sell the domain. Message to the Moore campaign: freedom of speech is non-negotiable. You failed to act early, now deal with the consequences.

The bright spot for Yoder in all of this: his campaign has raised 23K in online donations in the few days since the rollout and release of the mock-website was publicized, which will only help him in a race already leaning his way and that shows him with a 9-point polling lead.

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