Friday, January 29, 2010

Yoder raises 233K in less than a month; now considered frontrunner to replace Dennis Moore

Wow. Nick Jordan, Patricia Lightner and others have yet to release their 4th quarter fundraising numbers, but it's safe to say that Rep. Kevin Yoder is the frontrunner in the Republican race to replace Congressman Dennis Moore.

Yoder raised $233,000 in less than a month, having filed for office Dec. 16th and meeting the 4th quarter deadline for reporting contributions at the end of that month. This fundraising total is enormous and does not include any personal loans by Yoder himself.

Watch as other candidates in the race drop out. Yoder has generated significant momentum in the primary race and dollars to spend which will allow him to rise above the myriad other candidates and differentiate himself and his message to the Republican primary electorate. Additionally, this pace of fundraising will deter prospective Democrats from entering the fall general election and confirms that Yoder will remain an extremely formidable opponent heading into the general election, as well as the frontrunner and favored candidate.

From Yoder's Press Release:

Representative Yoder is in his fourth term in the Kansas House and represents parts of Overland Park and Leawood (20th District). As Chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, he has led the charge to reduce state spending and balance the state’s budget of over $13 billion without increasing taxes.

“Kansans are tired of the onslaught of taxes, regulation and overspending in Washington” said Yoder, “As Congressman, I’ll fight every day for the taxpayers of our district. We must send a strong message to Nancy Pelosi and politicians in Congress that we will not sit idly by while they bankrupt our country.”

Representative Yoder’s campaign will be focused on bringing fiscal responsibility back to Washington, common-sense solutions to create jobs for Kansans, rebuilding our economy, and stopping job-killing policies such as ‘cap-and-trade’, ‘card check’, and the government takeover of health care.


Duane Parker said...

I think that it is incredibly delusional to think that just because AND IF Yoder has raised the most money, he is considered the front runner. Republicans like you are not understanding that in 2010 it is not money and name recognition that will get people elected. Yoder is considered a moderate with a lot of baggage which has been brought to light by numerous influential groups, not that we all didn't know anyway. Good luck with all of this and Jerry Moran. Perhaps you need to rethink your positions on these two candidates you are backing. At least you are consistent in the type of candidate you work for.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how could Yoder be the front runner by garnering the most financial support in only 2 weeks of running? This is the year for grassroots people like Scott Brown who was only raising $1 Million a day. Money isn't just an indicator of how much name ID he will be able to produce, it is a good gage of his support as well. And stop with the Moran is a liberal crap, its stupid (I would say ignorant but I know you all know better).

Brandon said...

Mr. Parker,
Yoder's ability to generate cash in such a short window demostrates the level of support he has in this community. Remember the fundraising blitz that enabled Scott Brown to win in MA?

What type of baggage are you referencing? Yoder has the most experience of any candidate in the race so far, and his management of the Appropriations Committee and ideas on balancing the state budget without raising taxes stand out. Yoder also has a solid pro-life record and support from the NRA.

And let's talk about Jerry Moran, the consistent conservative in the U.S. Senate race, one of only 17 Republicans to vote against EVERY bailout, one of a few to openly oppose No Child Left Behind, Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, and other spending measures pushed by his own party that led to voter disgust. Jerry also has a much-more solid Club For Growth record than Tiahrt and has supported the Fair Tax for many years, generating him grassroots support across this state.

It's relatively easy to post an uninformed entry on a blog or to make generalizations--I'd challenge you to do some research before you lobby ad hominem attacks against those you disagree with. At the very least, your posting shows that you do not have a firm grasp of the issues or what the grassroots is thinking.

Also, I'm not of fan of campaign operatives that troll around and attempt to spread rumor and innuendo. Back up your rhetoric with facts or relent from spreading it.

Anonymous said...

Great Comments Brandon -- couldnt agree more. Yoder $233, Jordan $115, also rans maybe 50k at best. Time for Nick to start looking to the administration and the others to well... start doing other things.

James said...

Great post Brandon. I think it's clear that, after Friday, Yoder is the front-runner. If Jordan or Lightner had are not behind in fundraising, then why not show the numbers? I imagine the rumors will prove to be true that Jordan is about to jump ship and join team Brownback. Yoder is undoubtedly the candidate with the most experience, and the most experience where we need it most, THE BUDGET! I'm excited to see this played out, but so far I am extremely impressed with everything that Yoder has been able to accomplish during this time in the legislature and thus far in his bid for congress.

Thomas for Congress Scherer said...

Well . . . I might have something to say about wbo the leading candidate in this 3rd District race based on experience in running. Scherer has been running and gathering support across all parties of a hybrid fiscal conservative that is doing stuff putting money in the pockets of the voters for all long time.

See my congressional blog, the first interactive congresional blog in America at

I should know. I am that person, the best candidate for US Congress. Thomas E. Scherer.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if Jordan and O'Hara splitting the Conservative vote leads to a Yoder win. Hopefully the Conservatives will unite behind a candidate. Yoder is good but Jordan would be better. All the other candidates are kidding themselves if they think they have a chance.

Anonymous said...
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