Friday, November 20, 2009

Call These Senators Now!

The Senate is set to vote on Healthcare this Saturday night--when no one is paying attention (convenient, right?). Contact these senators NOW, no matter what state you're from--their votes will impact all of us, from California to Maine, from North Dakota to Texas.

If you live in the KC area, I'd add Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) to the list, even though she is a supporter of the president's plan. It's time to lay on the pressure! Call Sen. McCaskill's offices here in KC: 816-421-1639 or in DC: (202) 224-6154.

From the RNC (


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I love McCaskill. Whats ur oppinion on health care because mine is that republicans are for big bussiness, this is common knowledge, while democrats are uassly for the everyday man. Health care has the 2nd most lobbyists on the country, so republicans go against healthcare for one of the main ideas for health care is that it would creat more competition among the bussinesses causing the big ones to lose money and here's where the republicans come in. They have to protect those healthcare bussinesses so they make the American poeple worry by spreading these rumors. Also i've heard alot of talk from republicans about how this is 2000 pages and how they are trying to "sneak" thigns past America by having such a big bill.. But we've seen Bills like this in the past this isn't something thats brand new. I also think that the whole Obama winning the novel peace prize argumant is ridiculous. Republicans freaked out about it yet, It's not his fault he won the awward! jeeze give him a brake yes, he hasn;t done much yet, but look he came into office haveing 2 wars, and economy recession, having to deal with China and the steel workers,he has alot to do the last thing he needs is to be getting critisism over an award he won.