Thursday, September 17, 2009

House votes to defund ACORN; Cleaver backs sex-trafficking enablers

Ever since young journalists Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe went undercover and did the type of seasoned, investigative reporting that the mainstream media no longer does, we have learned that not only is ACORN shady and corrupt in their voter registration practices, they also encourage tax fraud, prostitution, and sex trafficking of minors.

Even the White House, which relied on ACORN to propel Obama to victory in the '08 primaries, is calling for investigations of the radical and corrupt leftist community group.

Led by Nebraska's great senator Mike Johanns, the Senate voted 83-7 to cut housing funding for ACORN, after the U.S. Census severed all ties with the group, which was to have an oversized role in the 2010 population count.

And now the U.S. House of Representatives has voted 345-75 to cut all funding to ACORN (Roll Call Vote. 718). It seems that Democrats are running for the hills and can't distance themselves enough from ACORN and these damaging revelations. All Democrats that is except for Congressman Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri's 5th District. Kansas City's congressman voted with 45 of his vacuous and corruption-prone colleagues to retain funding for this criminal outfit. Cleaver should be ashamed and the citizens of the 5th District should be outraged.

Even liberal Dennis Moore of KS' 3rd District had the common sense not to cast an outright vote supporting corruption--Cleaver was the lone congressional voice in KC supporting the politics of corruption.

If you live in Jackson County, call Congressman Cleaver or email him and ask why he supports taxpayer funding for encouraging sex trafficking of minors, prostitution, and tax fraud. Demand answers for his indefensible vote to continue the funding of corruption-as-usual.

Contact Cleaver and let him know ENOUGH is ENOUGH! You do not want your hard-earned taxpayer dollars going to an organization that encourages tax fraud and the sexual abuse of women and children.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver

DC Office: 202-225-4535
KC Office: 816-842-4545
Independence Office: 816-833-4545


DuneChild said...

Where is the post decrying the criminal behavior of Blackwater and Wackenhut? They have taken billions of taxpayer money and exacerbated the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan by demonstrated the worst side of Americans to the people we are supposedly helping. They have murdered innocent people and continue to profit by prolonging the military engagements overseas.
ACORN, on the other hand, has taken 53.5 million taxpayer dollars since 1994, and has fired and/or pressed charges against anyone in its employ who has broken the law.

I question your judgement on which is more outrageous.

jstol3 said...

DuneChild -

You Doofus,the post is NOT about Blackwater and ACORN. it is about ACORN, a corrupt, criminal organization and about Emmanuel Cleaver, a corrupt politician.
Go write your own blog about Blackwater

erosandthanatos said...

This should be called the "defund efforts to enable poor people to vote" bill. Dune is making a relevant point; namely, that it is absurd to go after acorn for it's minor transgressions when big corporations with government contracts manage to get away with murder, quite literally. Not to mention the graft. This is right-wing nuttery.

Brandon said...


Do you seriously think ACORN is guilty of "minor transgressions"? Is the encouragement of tax fraud, prostitution, and child rape with federal tax dollars really a "minor" issue?

Any organization that receives taxpayer money should face appropriate scrutiny, but for you to dismiss ACORN's actions is intolerable and at the very least says something about your moral and ethical perspective, or lack of it.

ACORN doesn't care about poor people as much as they care about influencing the political process, generating millions for their social agenda, and advancing legislation that fill their financial coffers and keep them in business.

ACORN is being investigated in 19 states for voter registration fraud, their founder's brother stole millions from the organization, and the the group is being investigated on dozens of other counts of fraud. Unlike singular examples of fraud or corruption at Blackwater (which are still unacceptable), fraud at ACORN has proven to be systematic, and our government at all levels (federal, state, and local) has been funding this organization to the tune of millions upon millions of dollars for over a decade, despite their intensely political agenda and illegal tactics.

So goes the logic of liberals: their pet causes can never be questioned--in their alternate reality, corporations and private enterprise are always evil while their shadowy, leftist special interest groups and provocateurs are always the epitomy of morality and goodness.

Anonymous said...

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Tim said...

What I don't understand is what happened to all of the information of Cleavers corruption BEFORE he entered congress. His non-payment of employee taxes. He kept their withholding taxes. His using city credit cards for the payment of expensive clothes and vacations for his family to Disneyworld. All this information has been removed or buried on the net. Who has done this? His support for Castro....Acorn....lying about the spitting incident. This man is a sleaze but if it's brought up he pulls the racist card.