Friday, July 03, 2009

BREAKING News: Sarah Palin Resigns as AK Governor

Lt. Governor Sean Parnell will take office later this month. Palin resigned before finishing her term; shocking the political establishment, and gave no indication of her future plans except to successfully outline her administration's accomplishments while stating that she wanted the state to get back to business and she was tired of the distractions and ridiculous ethics complaints--efforts by her opponents to stymie her administration.

Will Palin go into private life? Is she gearing up for a run for the presidency in 2010? If so, it would be more practical to finish out her term. I happen to think she may be gearing up for a Senate run in 2012, possibly challenging fellow Republican incumbent Lisa Murkowski in the GOP primary (unless Murkowski chooses not to run for a second term).

What do you think? How does this affect the Republican presidential field for 2012?


Anonymous said...

A recent straw poll taken at the Olathe Republican Party picnic favored Sarah Palin as the choice for the 2012 Presidential run. Her decision to resign from the governor's office may be viewed by many as a victory for the socialists. However, consider this, Palin cannot be effective as governor when she has to spend significant time defending herself in frivolous allegations. By resigning, she can fight the socialists on her terms, be a high profile activist and possibly scare the ____ out of the left by running for President in 2012. If the left was not afraid of her winning the election in 2012, why are they still working so hard at trying to discredit her and mock her in the media? If they did not consider her a threat to their success, they would simply ignore her. Keep your eyes and ears open everyone. Sarah Palin is not done by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

As a conservative, I would very happy to see Sarah Palin disappear for a while. She needs to put some time between her and the disasterous election bid of 2008. With a bit more experience and focus (and maybe some help from the idiots on the left), she can get a more bona fide review instead of the smear she gets now. I have to disagree that the left is afraid of her. At this point, I think they enjoy having her to beat up and they do it quite liberally (pardon the pun).

She may well win conservatives, but right now she is a real downer with moderates and the independent vote is needed to be victorious.