Sunday, June 21, 2009

News Highlights...

I've been extremely busy lately, so not much time right now, but here are some points to ponder:

Obama's approval is down to 57 percent acc. to Gallup, which has always had his approval rating higher than other polls. Rasmussen (the only pollster to accurately poll the percentage outcome of the 2008 presidential election), has Obama at a mediocre 53 percent approval, with 46 percent disapproving. Could his insistance on rapid passage of his nationalized healthcare proposal and the fear over its price tag and implementation explain the president's fall from grace? Or is it his tepid response to Iran and relunctance to stand with Iranian dissidents who support democracy and reform? Or is the fallout from North Korea's saber-rattling? Or the fact unemployment continues to climb and the effects of the stimulus seem to be nil? Discuss.

It's almost certain now that Brownback will be our next governor. Thornburgh saw the reality and accepted it--however, I think our secretary of state still has a bright future in politics if he wants it. Brownback has managed to unite the party behind him like never before--he has Moran, Tiahrt, Jordan, and Jenkins leading his campaign in each of their congressional districts, and he has the backing of prominent moderates and conservatives throughout the state--Pat Roberts and Bob Dole are leading his statewide campaign team and Overland Park lawyer John Petersen (former Gov. Bill Graves' finance chair) is chairing Sam's campaign in Johnson County.

This shifts the focus on the blockbuster battle between Tiahrt and Moran for Sam's U.S. Senate Seat. Thoughts?

The Johnson County Republican party is organized and ready like never before--the county party has prominent new offices at 12651 Metcalf (127th and Metcalf, next to The Peanut) and th county party will have a presence at the Lenexa Days Parade. Their new office Grand Opening is Saturday, July 11th from 11-2 pm. Join them for free food, socializing, and meet local GOP candidates running in 2010.

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