Sunday, May 03, 2009

Jack Kemp, RIP

A conservative legend passed away yesterday. The Hon. Jack Kemp, a celebrated football player, and New York congressman of 18 years, was an instrumental player in the Reagan Revolution and one of the co-sponsors of the Reagan tax cuts, which brought a close to the Carter recession. Kemp served as HUD secretary in George H.W. Bush's cabinent and ran for vice-president as Bob Dole's running mate in 1996. Kemp's legacy is secured through the establishment of the Jack F. Kemp School of Political Economy at Pepperdine University, a center and program that will advance Kemp's unique commitment to American democracy, free markets, and Judeo-Christian values.

On a personal note, during my participation in George Washington University's Semester in Washington program, I had the opportunity to take a campaign management class at the lobbying offices of Whitmer & Worrall with instructor and firm co-partner Mr. Tom Worrall. Tom and Jack Kemp were great friends, and my classmates and I were introduced to Mr. Kemp during one of our classes and had the benefit of discussing the state of modern-day politicals and political messaging with Mr. Kemp.

Kemp's legacy and contributions to the conservative movement will not be forgotten.

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ScottSolo said...

We have definitely lost a redwood in his passing.

He was a great man with a good understanding of conservative principles.