Friday, January 30, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Michael Steele elected the new RNC chair

Former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele was elected chair of the RNC today with 91 votes. The Konnection is pleased with the choice of Steele, who brings youth, vision, and innovative ideas to revitalize a struggling party. We trust that with Steele as RNC chair, he will be a much more visible head of the party, unlike Mike Duncan, and will ensure that the party not only increases its outreach to youth and upgrades its infrastructure technologically, but will also work to make conservatism more relevant, viable, and attractive to voters who have fallen away in recent years.

This marks a generational shift and for the first time, both the leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties are African-American.


John said...

I had high hopes.

One term Lt. Gov. of Maryland, senate candidate Michael Steele is the new RNC chairman. He was reported to be the most moderate of the five candidates.

An hour of research shows me a man who talks tax and spending cuts while supporting increased spending, holds life dear but will not risk his personal power to defend it, thinks the second amendment is about duck hunting, loves affirmative action, opposes the death penalty, supports the free-market for CEO salaries while demanding reduction in wages for the peons forced to belong to a union, hopes to expand the big tent by buying votes with tax dollars, wants to expand Mexico/China style free trade to Africa, wants to build bipartisan bridges and supports aggressive war as foreign policy.

In essence, he is John McCain’s shadow. He appears to fit the exact neo-con profile that flushed the GOP out of power in the last two elections.

It looks to me from his bio that we now have our own token community organizer to run the RNC.

I’m from Missouri, show me I am wrong.

Christopher said...

New GOP National Chairman Michael Steele announces he is "going beyond the base" to widen broader support for the Republican Party.

So his first act is to promise a role to the former head of the Michigan Republican Party, who demanded that Ron Paul not be allowed to participate in any of the primary debates.

Good one.

Anonymous said...