Monday, September 08, 2008

Republican Convention tops DNC in viewers

McCain's acceptance speech made history for the most number of viewers ever to watch a candidate's acceptance speech primetime at a party convention. 38.9 million people watched McCain accept the nomination of the GOP--500,000 more than those who watched Obama give his media-driven, much anticipated speech among the gaudy ruins of a Greek Temple before 80,000 at Invesco Field.

Of course, the excitement and energy needed to boost McCain's ratings over Obama's came from Sarah Palin's speech the night before, which was incredibly impressive and successful: 37.2 million viewers, coming extremely close to Obama's 38.4 million viewers. Biden's VP speech only garnered 24 million viewers.

By choosing fellow maverick Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be on his ticket, McCain was able to do what no one thought he could do: breathe new life into what was expected to be a less enthused RNC, less anticipated and less watched. The RNC matched the DNC in enthusiam, excitement, and exceeded them in ratings and viewership. McCain has now also erased Obama's short and small convention bounce and has overtaken a lead that is above the margin of error in most current polling surveys.


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