Monday, August 18, 2008

You're either with us or against us: Dems punish another member for stepping out of line

Time and Time again, the Democrats have extended a fake olive branch to moderates and independent thinkers only to yank it back anytime a representative decides to vote their district or exercise their independent judgment.

We saw it with Joe Liebermann in 2006 and more recently here in KS with Mark Gilstrap, as he became the first KS Democrat and sitting incumbent to be betrayed and cannibalized by his own party and the sitting governor for daring to be pro-life and fiscally responsible. Also, just this week, Nancy Pelosi announced that if the Dems gain more seats in the Senate in this November's elections, Liebermann could be "punished" for his support of John McCain by being removed from certain committees and chairmanships he currently enjoys.

Now we have a California legislator who exercised her own judgment and voted against the Democratic-backed budget and now faces her punishment--the relinquishment of her Capitol office. See this story here.

The message Democrats seem to be sending: remain loyal to the party above all else (country, district, constituents) or face retaliation. It begins with losing chairmanships and other perks and will eventually lead to outright opposition by the highest officials in government: governors, sentators and congressmen.

The Dems on the federal level down to the state level seem to be saying arrivederci to any party member who refuses to advance the agenda of the extreme, leftist fringe. The Dems will find that this may be a good way to consolidate power, but it's not a smart strategy for retaining power.

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