Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Kansas blogs...

Wow, what a political season. With blockbuster primaries like the Steve Howe vs. Phill Kline race for District Attorney and the 10th state senate district primary between Mary Pilcher Cook and Sue Gamble, it is shaping up to be an interesting political year indeed. Even many of the Democrats in KS have primaries this year, and with soaring energy prices and approval of congress at an all-time low (in the single digits), Kansas’ two Democratic congressional incumbents—Nancy Boyda and Dennis Moore—will face tough races from popular and experienced Republican opponents. Moore is embroiled in a scandal involving his staff’s misuse of funds and work time to engage in political activity and Moore is facing heat from constituents for his opposition to offshore drilling and his lack of a solution to the energy crisis. Additionally, Republicans have the opportunity to make legislative gains in the legislature and whittle down Democratic-held seats in Johnson County to just 2 or possibly none.

Two new blogs will be added to my blogroll:

The Kansas Republican Party had revamped its website and added an interactive and innovating blog that tracks Democratic blunders in Kansas and highlights Republican solutions. Check out the state party’s new blog and new website:

Also, Nick Jordan’s new blog is making waves:

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Anonymous said...

Uh oh, you mean Obama might not quite make it to carrying Kansas.

I doubt he is losing much sleep over that one.

But the scientific nature of this poll is astonishing.