Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hillary going all the way...

The Konnection has spoken to a Democratic source--one of the delegates to the DNC who has close ties to Hillary Clinton's campaign. Our source confirmed that Hillary has no intention of leaving the race and despite what happens in the last few primaries, she plans to fight at the convention to have Michigan and Florida seated--which could possibly give her a lead in the popular vote and reduce Obama's margin in the delegate count.

Our source, who is close to the campaign and speaks with the Clintons regularly and the campaign weekly, says the Clinton campaign is focused not just on changing the minds of superdelegates, but also on flipping regular, supposedly "committed" pledged, state delegates as well. Of course, pledged delegates are supposed to be committed to voting according to the results of their state's primary or caucus, but there are no provisions or penalties that outline any consequence if they don't vote that way--and there is precedent for a state's delegates to vote differently on the convention floor.

Our source says the Clinton campaign has already been successful in chipping away at Obama's support among pledged delegates. Phone calls from high-profile Clinton surrogates have convinced 2 of Obama's 33 pledged, Colorado delegates to switch to Clinton. And those speaking for the campaign on condition of anonymity say this is only the beginning of a highly coordinated strategy to peel away Obama's superdelegate AND pledged delegate supporters while fighting to have Michigan and Florida counted on the floor of the convention by issuing a formal request to the credentials committee. Our DNC source says the Hillary campaign is also floating around an idea where she would run as president with Obama as VP and only serve one term, allowing Obama to run in 2012. But Obama's campaign scoffs at that offer, and Hillary is unwilling to settle for anything less, so a sure fight is brewing.

My Democratic informant's revelations were confirmed last week by Hillary herself as she spoke to Fox News' Greta Van Susteren:

VAN SUSTEREN: "What about the pledged delegates right now? Are they likely — do you have any position on them sort of moving over in one direction or the other?"

CLINTON: "Well, you know, delegates are free to exercise their judgment, all delegates, whether you are from a caucus or you are from a primary or your so-called appointed delegate..."

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