Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Driving down the law: a timeline of Hillary's changing position on licenses for illegals

This video explains it all. First, Hillary signaled support for Gov. Spitzer's plan to reward illegal immigrants with drivers licenses. That was Oct. 16th. Then came the Oct. 30 Democratic debate, where Hillary reiterated her support for Spitzer's plan, saying "it makes a lot of sense." Tim Russert called her out and within seconds, after Dodd expressed his disagreement with the plan and after Russert asked for a show of hands of all those opposed (Hillary did not raise her hand), Hillary backpedaled, protesting that "I just want to add, I did not say that it should be done, but I certainly recognize why Governor Spitzer is trying to do..."

The next day, Clinton
modified her answer--her campaign stated that while she broadly supported the plan in theory, she did not support any specific plan. Her knack for ambiguity continued with a CNN interview with Candy Crowley, leading Crowley to remark, "but you see why people think … that you are not answering the question." And on Nov. 14th, Spitzer withdrew his plan, leading Hillary to do a 360 degree turnabout, announcing that she does not support licenses for illegals and supports Spitzer's decision to withdraw his plan.

Clinton's shocking inconsistency and apparent support for this proposal will hurt her immensely in the general election.

Reminds us of a certain governor who tried unsuccessfuly to push the legislature into accepting her plan to give licenses to illegals (
Sebelius previously supported a plan similar to Spitzer's).

Now that this issue is on the national radar, how will this affect Sebelius' ambitions for senator? Many insiders in the legislature believe she's jockeying for a cabinet position in a Clinton administration, which will provide a springboard for her foray into the 2010 open senate race when Brownback steps down.

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