Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jordan making waves; scramble for KS senate seat

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Sources have told the Konnection that Nick Jordan is off to a good start in fundraising for his congressional race against Dennis Moore. He's done so well, in fact, that the National Republican Congressional Commitee has already promised to direct funding to his race, based on his preliminary fundraising numbers thus far.

Jordan's announcement has created a scramble among Republicans seeking to run for his 10th district state senate seat. Former Rep. Mary Pilcher Cook of Shawnee, Bob Bibb (former Johnson County GOP chair), State Board of Education member Sue Gamble of Shawnee, and Shawnee realtor Patrick Regan have all voiced interest in the race, while current Democrat Rep. Cindy Neighbor of Shawnee has also announced that she is considering a run for the seat. While rumors are circulating around the blogosphere that Board of Ed. member Sue Gamble may change parties to run as a Democrat, our own conversations with Mrs. Gamble and our sources indicate this is very unlikely, and that Mrs. Gamble has every intention of running in the Republican primary. The 10th Senate District includes parts of Lenexa, Shawnee, Lake Quivira, and Bonner Springs. The competitive GOP primary that will ensue for this seat may be the hottest state legislative race to watch, so let us know who you would vote for:

Who would you vote for in the GOP primary for Nick Jordan's state senate seat?
Mary Pilcher Cook
Sue Gamble
Bob Bibb
Patrick Regan
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