Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Quigley is in!

17th District precinct committee members voted for Jill Quigley over Titus Bond by a vote of 18-12. Both candidates gave good, well-prepared speeches--Bond stressed his core principles, ties to the area, and legislative experience as an aide to Congressman Sam Graves, while Jill stressed her community involvement and activism in the local schools. Stephanie Sharp gave a speech on behalf of Quigley.

The Quigley family's questionable and controversial donations to Howard Dean and Dennis Moore were not brought up by anyone at the meeting, nor questions about Bond's recent move to Kansas from Missouri.

The controversy over the mysterious letter sent out to precinct committee people (alleging that Bond was Hispanic) was only referenced vaguely by Scott Schwab, who said he had no idea where it originated but he believed it came from across the state line, stating 'that kind of politics has no place in Kansas'.

Speaker of the House Melvin Neufeld, Majority Leader Ray Merrick, and various state reps and senators were in attendence (Kevin Yoder, Sheryl Spalding, Terrie Huntington, Ron Worley, Ben Hodge, Nick Jordan). KS National Committeeman Steve Cloud, KS GOP officials Corrie Kangas and Christian Morgan were also in attendance.

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