Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Balkanization of America

At a perilous time in history, when an underestimated, charismatic dictator with evil designs has the power and the insanity to threaten the civilized world, we have problems at home.

President Ahmadinejad of Iran represents the strand of radical, totalitarian Islam that is dominating Muslim circles at the moment. Here at home, as evidenced by this Washington Post article, we have a sect of extremely conservative Muslims who feel that to live their lives of faith, thy must cut themselves off from almost all contact with the modern western world, living in small groups and clustered around a mosque and several community-owned stores and services. It is this kind of self-segregated isolation that led to the radical, extremist elements in Britain, that attempted to blow up several airliners recently (Britain leads the world in radical imams and segregated Muslim communities where death to America and extremism is preached and cultivated daily). If the U.S. government does not take action immediately to halt this extremist ideology and coerce these Islamic communities in the D.C. area and elsewhere into integration, we will face the same danger as our ally across the pond. America, the great melting pot with a unified purpose and culture, will succumb to ethnic fragmentation as has been realized in the Balkans in eastern Europe.

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